New Constitution

Thoughts about the “Constitution” – a telegraphic, short-order list of ideas.

The three branches – better, divisions, of government. The tri-partite tree trunk of government.

Should be conceived as “balanced” three ways, rather than as three independent functions. The naming, as well, could be revised to reflect that balance.

A pre-condition here must be that so-called “capitalism”, the bundling of economic units competing with each other for title to “ownership”, will be abandoned. The ideological notion that the development of our human community should be dependent upon an ambition driven modus operandi, must be scrapped. Instead, an ideal based in natural ecology of the environment, the well being of children, of adults committed to positive goals, a whole shopping list of “conservative” goals (the key element of “conservative” relating to conserving resources and health energy for human beings and their physical environment)

The “legislative” would take over the “executive” function of operational codicils, or programs. This branch, as it has in the past, would (shall) incorporate revisions to the design of society’s day to day operations, including the values to be reinforced.

The “judicial” would, increasingly, be the exclusive province of arbitration between communities and individuals. “Fairness” and “justice” would be the operant concepts, rather than arbitration between self-serving units of society.

The “executive” would undergo the greatest revision in concept: the name to be changed from “executive” to “administrative”.

Importantly, the first order in this revision would be to cancel the archaic vestiges of Monarch, Emperor, King, Ruler etc. coming to us not only from recent world history, but from the oldest cultural relics. Codicils, bibles, ancient literary landmarks of assorted religions still preserved or long gone.

Our current “Chief Executive” slot in government has embedded within it a dangerous concentration of authority. This must be converted, as suggested in this short overview, to a pragmatic focus on continuity and implementation of constructive innovation.

Repeating, in different terms, the focus here: community well-being as education and scientific progress incorporating a flexible operational government modality.

In short, values shall trump “tradition”. The “voting” tradition must shift towards dialog and critique/affirmation, rather than competitive chaos. No “vast general public” can function decisively.

Executive order – the last ever to be issued – forthwith: Down with, and begone, “Mr. President, Herr Chief Executive”. Down with and begone, the notion that a “leader” is needed.


Trump and I

Why Donald Trump and I have extraordinary health   (Donald does, according to a NYT story)

We both are flagrant impulse asserters, we blow off and blast off on any provocation that stimulates the adrenal system.

We say what we think, and we think what we fucking damned please!!

The link may be questioned by persons used to working within the constraints of scientific methodology. I simply KNOW the reality, by observing Trump, and recognizing the patterns as I live them.

You just blow off, you don’t repress for any of the long list of reasons people normally repress: propriety, timidity either through “embarrassment” or fear of blowback etc.

So, the medical people I consult call me the “poster child” for someone of my so-called “advanced” age. That’s going on 85 – and, on the way to, at least, 125. Barring some violent retribution by a resentful human, a violent civil incident, a stupid or otherwise avoidable accident, an ordinary environmental accident, an unknown disease, a known disease (I am rather resistant and a diet-nut, like, as in not too many nuts) etc. You really don’t need the details, they’re top notch.

The “at least” is a concession to those who judge sanity, as a function of senility and other mental zone markers. You’d best not be told the goal here, because, for one, the goal is a moving one. It will continue to advance beyond the threshold of normal credibility (“credibility” used as co-terminative with conceivability).

The point is, of course, a vanishing one, as all “points” should be. The cartologists – hey, spell check, that’s an acceptable improv!! – have dominated for too long! Will leave “cartologists”  in place, but will suggest “map makers” for the feeble of word.

The Trumpling Dumpling is a juvenile 69 (as of “today”), by the way.

So here’s the “skinny” (er, chubby?) :

Donald Trump Releases Medical Report Calling His Health ‘Extraordinary’


Travis Dove for The New York Times (side issue here –  the journalist calls into question honesty and accuracy of the Trumpian claims – perhaps the Trumpet blows too loudly?)

Updated, 11:02 p.m. | Donald J. Trump has released a letter from his personal physician attesting that his health is “extraordinary.”

The letter, gushing in tone and signed by Dr. Harold N. Bornstein of Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, was four paragraphs long and provided few specific laboratory test results. The letter made a sweeping declaration in a tone oddly similar to how Mr. Trump talks about himself.

“If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency,” Dr. Bornstein wrote in the final paragraph of the letter, which was dated Dec. 4 but not released until Monday.

The note also came 11 days after Mr. Trump, 69 and a leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, vowed on Twitter to release a “full medical report” about his physical health and fitness to serve as president, which he said would “show perfection.” His pledge came after a Politico report pointed out his penchant for fatty foods, his lack of routine workouts and, until now, his refusal to release a medical report.

In releasing the letter, Mr. Trump erred by attributing the medical report to his current physician’s father, Dr. Jacob Bornstein. “I am proud to share this health report, written by the highly respected Dr. Jacob Bornstein of Lenox Hill Hospital.”

The note begins as an open letter, “To Whom My Concern,” apparently meaning, “To whom it may concern.” The email from Mr. Trump that contained the note said it was from his doctor, Jacob. According to an obituary, Jacob Bornstein died in 2010; the note lists Jacob Bornstein as Mr. Trump’s previous physician.

Dr. Harold Bornstein said in his letter that he had taken over his father’s practice and had cared for Mr. Trump since 1980. “Over the past 39 years, I am pleased to report that Mr. Trump had no significant medical problems,” giving a duration that suggested he had been caring for him since 1976.

Mr. Trump was a patient of the senior Dr. Bornstein. Presumably, the son had access to his father’s records to account for the four-year difference in time. It is an unusual instance in which a politician’s health has been attested to by a single physician group over such a long period of time.

A “recent complete medical examination” of Mr. Trump “showed only positive results,” the letter said. It gave few specifics about that examination but contained a number of flamboyant descriptions. For example, Dr. Bornstein said Mr. Trump’s blood pressure, 110/65, and laboratory test results were “astonishingly excellent.” Presumably, the normal blood pressure reading was without benefit of any medication to lower a higher blood pressure.

Mr. Trump has lost “at least 15 pounds” in the past 12 months. But his exact weight before and after the loss was not stated. Reporters who have covered Mr. Trump’s campaign said their impression was that he had gained weight over recent months.

Mr. Trump takes a low-dose aspirin (81 milligrams, or baby aspirin) daily as well as a statin to lower his high cholesterol, the report said. The letter did not state the levels of Mr. Trump’s cholesterol and other lipids before and after the statin therapy. Aspirin and the statin were the only drugs Dr. Bornstein said Mr. Trump was taking.

The letter said Mr. Trump did not use tobacco or alcohol products and had no history of cancer or bone or joint surgery. His only reported surgical operation was an appendectomy at age 10.

Reporters have asked Mr. Trump about his military draft status. He said he had received medical deferments from the Vietnam War because of a bone spur in his foot. When asked about it over the summer, Mr. Trump said he could not recall which foot was afflicted. Reporters who have covered Mr. Trump in recent months said they have not noticed him wincing or limping while walking.

A low prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, level of 0.15 was one of the few specific test results stated by Dr. Bornstein. The fact that the physician said Mr. Trump “has suffered no form of cancer” would exclude removal or destruction of prostate tissue as a reason for such a low PSA level. Dr. Bornstein did not indicate when the test was performed or whether it had been repeated.

For many years, doctors checked the PSA level to detect prostate cancer. But recently, some groups have recommended against routine testing, saying the choice should be discussed between patient and doctor.

Dr. Bornstein made no mention of whether Mr. Trump received a flu shot annually or whether he has received standard immunizations like those against tetanus and pneumonia.

The physician’s letter also gave a subjective appraisal of Mr. Trump’s physical strength and stamina, which were said to be “extraordinary,” but the report did not include any objective measurements to support this.

In a cover letter to Dr. Bornstein’s letter, Mr. Trump said: “I am fortunate to have been blessed with great genes — both of my parents had very long and productive lives.” He did not say his father, Fred, developed Alzheimer’s disease beginning in his late 80s. The genetics of most forms of Alzheimer’s and dementia are not known with certainty. Doctors and patients consider it prudent to be aware of such a risk and to be checked if specific signs become apparent.

The objective measures that Dr. Bornstein used in saying Mr. Trump, if elected, would be the healthiest president were unclear.

While physicians are supposed to be advocates for their patients, a number of ethicists and historians have cautioned them not to become boosters or to distort or mislead the public when discussing the medical history of a patient who is politically active.

Physicians who have served in the White House and candidates’ personal physicians have lied or distorted their patients’ medical history in the past, including the doctors of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. In interviews, recent White House physicians said they would not risk jeopardizing their reputations to hide any serious ailment affecting a president in their care.

The note from Dr. Bornstein praised Mr. Trump’s “physical strength and stamina.” Those are the specific words that Mr. Trump has used to tar Hillary Clinton, who is leading in polls for the Democratic presidential nomination. Mrs. Clinton months ago released a lengthy doctor’s note that included information about her concussion in December 2012 and her recovery.

***  ***  ***

Space here for “my” medical details, which interestingly but not surprisingly include the same kinds of “concerns” addressed by the phonied up info in the NYT article (big difference, I have no motive for lying or exaggerating):

[In my current life (age 85) I am considered beyond the pale of ordinary expectations. No-one remotely guesses my age. The current expectancy is roughly (and conservatively) 125.]

I received a medical exemption from the draft relating to the Korean War when my psychiatrist asked me if I wanted one. And so we created a rationale based on his prediction that the “subject” (yrs. truly) would not take orders, and be an indigestible individual. I agreed wholeheartedly!

Yet when I went for the qualifying/disqualifying physical at an induction center, it turned out that my hearing loss, all by itself, earned me the saving 4-F exemption.


Ha ha, forever!! Bone spur (Trumplet), hearing issues (Albert), but main theme: Spoiled little special kids get special treatment, if I may say so myself. Harumph!!

Make Great America Great Again

Make Great America Great Again           (a nonsense parable)

My heart grieves for the Trumpling Dumpling, the cuteness of him, pining after America’s lost greatness. Each new wave of outsiders (those are kindly called “immigrants”) has resulted in further erosions of the old great land taken from the injuns.

Think of it! Those thieves and beggars who landed on the East Coast of the America to be, and immediately cheated and connived to grab greatness from the Iroquois Nation, and other tribal domains!

And then, each time a greatness swelled up in the assimilation of it all, new contaminations would arrive. Waves and Waves of furrin humans (not with “fur” but with alien credentials) would just come here to take the greatness down.

Think about that! Irish, German, Polish, Italian, and then the assorted Eastern Europeans, and the assorted Asians, and the assorted Hispanics, each group in the form of a wave washing away, and just plain eroding the Greatness!

Only one way to restore the lost Greatness! Everyone must join Trumpling in the expansion of a new Great America enterprise. More roller coaster and thrill rides installed everywhere. A classic Trumpian investment, in real estate and machinery, writ very very large.

Only then can we make Great America Great Again – er, that’s “.. make America Great Again”, in the vastest ride concession ever built. One way rides in, one way rides out.

In and out, up and down, Greatness shall prevail.

Oh holy grail!

The ale that kills the wail, not the Moby whale, but the pain that ails.

Open the mail, toss the stale, hope for bail when all else fails.

Make America Great Again, and again, and again, forever and ever, amen.

via Daily Prompt: Stubborn.

Ok, unpremeditated off the top (off the cuff?): Born to stub my mental toe herewith: that’s sure to happen to the impulsively resistant people who just can’t help not going along with it. You know, that “flow” thing that the crowd wants to impose on us rugged individuals. So, here’s to happy stubbing, all you unique  individuals!

Daily Prompt: Admire

via Daily Prompt: Admire Let’s get right into the muck of “admire” (you know, mired in the muck of hero worship, etc.)… “ad”, as in “towards”, approaching the hero or heroine of the  moment with envious approval, or affirming plaudits, etc. Why would we “admire”, except to channel that energy of “Wow! I really like him/her, the looks, the energy, the whatever”. Maybe I can osmose (absorb) something here. Gotta let go of that attraction thing, and go for it more objectively. And so on, and on!