Viva the AntiGodly

“Re-discovered”, after having buried itself deep into my hard disk, and further preserved in a Cloud folder (as in Amazon Cloud), the following little piece of iconoclasm. Still applies, and will continue to apply, so long as we have candidates like Ben Carson, or idiotic public policies that promote war and Christian/Jewish/Muslim competitive Jihad.

One factotum sticks in my mind, that in the state of Arkansas an atheist can’t testify (presumably because he can’t curse on the Bible). I mean, swear on the Bible. Stupid hillbillies! Or another, about the Swiss public school teacher who got into trouble for removing crucifixes from the walls of his public school classroom! The Abrahamic Cults, zio-jewism, allah-ho-akbarism and Sado Christisism, are the real abominations. The obsessionist adherents of these three warfare provoking godist superstitions should be turned on each other in order to holocaust themselves, mutually, out of existence. “

The filename on the Cloud: Viva the AntiGodly


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I am an iconoclast of the fundamental, which is to say, I believe there are no valid assumptions to be made in this world, dominated as it is by human projections concerning reality

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