Explosions, anyone?

Why would you encapsulate an idea? Why, (jerk!), so you can swallow it whole, no pain!

Theory is, your mental digestive system will “comprehend”, and “understand”. Problem is, without checking out the list  of ingredients, you risk having swallowed an explosive mixture with unpredictable consequences.

Like, a time bomb. There it sits, a neat, compact package, waiting for some pre-set electrical impulse to “smithereen” the world within range.

Not to mention that “time bombs” are becoming passe.  People go for direct action and immediate effect now, no time to waste. Use themselves as carriers and detonators all at once.

That may be why certain ideas with explosive consequences keep us all alert, with the NSA at the ever-ready. Just like the battery brand, “eveready*”, wire ‘em up, and throw the lever (touch the button, depending on your technology). ISIS is very disciplined. So is life within “Armed Forces”. What’s the difference?

Orders are given. Orders are obeyed. Explosives are delivered. Explosives tend to detonate. That’s in their nature.

What’s the difference between a drone and a self-destructing jihadist? Not one thing, its the MISSION, dummy! The Army and Isis are servants, each, of their god, “Obedience to the Higher Mission”.

*In 1986, Union Carbide sold its Battery Products Division to Ralston Purina Company for $US1.4 billion, becoming the Eveready Battery Company, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary….


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I am an iconoclast of the fundamental, which is to say, I believe there are no valid assumptions to be made in this world, dominated as it is by human projections concerning reality

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