Word Slingshot

Weapon is mind, powered by brain, using cultural symbol source otherwise termed "words", the elastic is the syntax, stretch it out, and let go, the snap is the power. The target, another mind, where resonance is energetic reverberation.

What, you worry? Me worry? No problem, twing twang go the charges and counter charges, positive-negative, no worry. The words carry the charge, the syntax delivers, and the minds thrill with expansion.

That was a new wrinkle, no wrinkles really at all, just an expression.

Think hard, the shattered shards proliferate, they are darts of intention. 

Ah, ye shall internalize and store energy, draw the bow, and the release furthers the cause celebre.

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I am an iconoclast of the fundamental, which is to say, I believe there are no valid assumptions to be made in this world, dominated as it is by human projections concerning reality

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