Make Great America Great Again

Make Great America Great Again           (a nonsense parable)

My heart grieves for the Trumpling Dumpling, the cuteness of him, pining after America’s lost greatness. Each new wave of outsiders (those are kindly called “immigrants”) has resulted in further erosions of the old great land taken from the injuns.

Think of it! Those thieves and beggars who landed on the East Coast of the America to be, and immediately cheated and connived to grab greatness from the Iroquois Nation, and other tribal domains!

And then, each time a greatness swelled up in the assimilation of it all, new contaminations would arrive. Waves and Waves of furrin humans (not with “fur” but with alien credentials) would just come here to take the greatness down.

Think about that! Irish, German, Polish, Italian, and then the assorted Eastern Europeans, and the assorted Asians, and the assorted Hispanics, each group in the form of a wave washing away, and just plain eroding the Greatness!

Only one way to restore the lost Greatness! Everyone must join Trumpling in the expansion of a new Great America enterprise. More roller coaster and thrill rides installed everywhere. A classic Trumpian investment, in real estate and machinery, writ very very large.

Only then can we make Great America Great Again – er, that’s “.. make America Great Again”, in the vastest ride concession ever built. One way rides in, one way rides out.

In and out, up and down, Greatness shall prevail.

Oh holy grail!

The ale that kills the wail, not the Moby whale, but the pain that ails.

Open the mail, toss the stale, hope for bail when all else fails.

Make America Great Again, and again, and again, forever and ever, amen.


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I am an iconoclast of the fundamental, which is to say, I believe there are no valid assumptions to be made in this world, dominated as it is by human projections concerning reality

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