New Constitution

Thoughts about the “Constitution” – a telegraphic, short-order list of ideas.

The three branches – better, divisions, of government. The tri-partite tree trunk of government.

Should be conceived as “balanced” three ways, rather than as three independent functions. The naming, as well, could be revised to reflect that balance.

A pre-condition here must be that so-called “capitalism”, the bundling of economic units competing with each other for title to “ownership”, will be abandoned. The ideological notion that the development of our human community should be dependent upon an ambition driven modus operandi, must be scrapped. Instead, an ideal based in natural ecology of the environment, the well being of children, of adults committed to positive goals, a whole shopping list of “conservative” goals (the key element of “conservative” relating to conserving resources and health energy for human beings and their physical environment)

The “legislative” would take over the “executive” function of operational codicils, or programs. This branch, as it has in the past, would (shall) incorporate revisions to the design of society’s day to day operations, including the values to be reinforced.

The “judicial” would, increasingly, be the exclusive province of arbitration between communities and individuals. “Fairness” and “justice” would be the operant concepts, rather than arbitration between self-serving units of society.

The “executive” would undergo the greatest revision in concept: the name to be changed from “executive” to “administrative”.

Importantly, the first order in this revision would be to cancel the archaic vestiges of Monarch, Emperor, King, Ruler etc. coming to us not only from recent world history, but from the oldest cultural relics. Codicils, bibles, ancient literary landmarks of assorted religions still preserved or long gone.

Our current “Chief Executive” slot in government has embedded within it a dangerous concentration of authority. This must be converted, as suggested in this short overview, to a pragmatic focus on continuity and implementation of constructive innovation.

Repeating, in different terms, the focus here: community well-being as education and scientific progress incorporating a flexible operational government modality.

In short, values shall trump “tradition”. The “voting” tradition must shift towards dialog and critique/affirmation, rather than competitive chaos. No “vast general public” can function decisively.

Executive order – the last ever to be issued – forthwith: Down with, and begone, “Mr. President, Herr Chief Executive”. Down with and begone, the notion that a “leader” is needed.


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I am an iconoclast of the fundamental, which is to say, I believe there are no valid assumptions to be made in this world, dominated as it is by human projections concerning reality

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