Word Slingshot

Weapon is mind, powered by brain, using cultural symbol source otherwise termed "words", the elastic is the syntax, stretch it out, and let go, the snap is the power. The target, another mind, where resonance is energetic reverberation.

What, you worry? Me worry? No problem, twing twang go the charges and counter charges, positive-negative, no worry. The words carry the charge, the syntax delivers, and the minds thrill with expansion.

That was a new wrinkle, no wrinkles really at all, just an expression.

Think hard, the shattered shards proliferate, they are darts of intention. 

Ah, ye shall internalize and store energy, draw the bow, and the release furthers the cause celebre.

Explosions, anyone?

Why would you encapsulate an idea? Why, (jerk!), so you can swallow it whole, no pain!

Theory is, your mental digestive system will “comprehend”, and “understand”. Problem is, without checking out the list  of ingredients, you risk having swallowed an explosive mixture with unpredictable consequences.

Like, a time bomb. There it sits, a neat, compact package, waiting for some pre-set electrical impulse to “smithereen” the world within range.

Not to mention that “time bombs” are becoming passe.  People go for direct action and immediate effect now, no time to waste. Use themselves as carriers and detonators all at once.

That may be why certain ideas with explosive consequences keep us all alert, with the NSA at the ever-ready. Just like the battery brand, “eveready*”, wire ‘em up, and throw the lever (touch the button, depending on your technology). ISIS is very disciplined. So is life within “Armed Forces”. What’s the difference?

Orders are given. Orders are obeyed. Explosives are delivered. Explosives tend to detonate. That’s in their nature.

What’s the difference between a drone and a self-destructing jihadist? Not one thing, its the MISSION, dummy! The Army and Isis are servants, each, of their god, “Obedience to the Higher Mission”.

*In 1986, Union Carbide sold its Battery Products Division to Ralston Purina Company for $US1.4 billion, becoming the Eveready Battery Company, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary….

Viva the AntiGodly

“Re-discovered”, after having buried itself deep into my hard disk, and further preserved in a Cloud folder (as in Amazon Cloud), the following little piece of iconoclasm. Still applies, and will continue to apply, so long as we have candidates like Ben Carson, or idiotic public policies that promote war and Christian/Jewish/Muslim competitive Jihad.

One factotum sticks in my mind, that in the state of Arkansas an atheist can’t testify (presumably because he can’t curse on the Bible). I mean, swear on the Bible. Stupid hillbillies! Or another, about the Swiss public school teacher who got into trouble for removing crucifixes from the walls of his public school classroom! The Abrahamic Cults, zio-jewism, allah-ho-akbarism and Sado Christisism, are the real abominations. The obsessionist adherents of these three warfare provoking godist superstitions should be turned on each other in order to holocaust themselves, mutually, out of existence. “

The filename on the Cloud: Viva the AntiGodly

Universal Fatwa Declared (two part poster) – Ukiah, California, 7/07/2005, Local Flavor Bakehouse Political Art Show “The Beauty of Total Control”


Al's Rooster

c  o  c  k    a    d  o  o  d  l  e    d  o  o

You “boutiquennette” ostriches who read these words, you latte and gourmet escapees from the true soil, be apprised:

You are fully accountable for the unrepentant and unrelenting obstinacy of your so-called government, the administration of the Republican American President George Bush, under whose aegis war crimes and domestic violence are institutionally, and not randomly or accidentally, installed:

– the statutory and opportunistic pistol whipping of the economically marginalized

– the environmental molestation of whole populations of  living species, plant and animal

– the neglect by omission, diversion, and aversion,  of responsible stewardship of the future of this planet

No matter that you sequestrate yourselves, you ARE at one with this President. You ARE the man/woman/ androgyne  – gender references to assuage your diversity fetish – on shore, who watches a child drown, over and over, multiple genocides occurring and recurring like encores in a popular tragedy while you stand transfixed in second hand empathy.

You send hordes of your overstuffed and over wealthy to play games like “Burning Man” in the desert or pay for lavish Earth Dance Orgies, or Evenings Beneath the Stars of Broadway, while the world chokes with asthma and quivers with Ischemic shock from your nation’s military and energy consumptive excesses.

You have failed to terminate the collusive corporations and free market money gamers by withdrawing their permits to operate.

You, in fact cooperate, in full knowledge, with their ongoing support of your national policies, your very lifestyle, while your congressional representatives quiver fearfully at the least sign that truth and justice might prevail for human society.


So be it ordained through the ether of the mindless, minded and mindful beings that enable cellular and orgonomic processes of evolution in our dimension of this universe, that major desconstructive forces be unleashed which shall strike TERROR into the neuro-muscular so-called souls of all who resist the oscillations of change.

In the revolutions to come, your money systems shall be vaporized, and along with them your entire web of accepted modalities eg transport, recreation, consumption, governance. The skein of digital and electronic twitter shall be obliterated, with no hope of resurrection until the central moral/ethical core of the life force is regenerated.

Your so-called churches and houses of superstition, with their toxic contaminants, their promulgations of belief systems which rely on emanations from the archaic desert god crypts , the JehovAllah/Mohammet/Christ/Mary succubi and incubi responsible for carrying forward in human history the more ancient rites of cannibalism and intertribal warfare, with their veiled self consumptive, self-directed hatred, shall  be burned by the lasers of truth.

For in your sadomasochistic world, love is hate, and fear of hate is self deception, while charity is fools’ gold. You have abdicated your collective birthright. For this you shall be destroyed in the core of your souls, know this, and be prepared.

All of this, except for REDEMPTION.

copyright 2005 by A. M. Krauss  aka  aitengri     

Opening Gambit

What’s to jabber about at this point, dolts!

The comment (comment? no, here’s a vocal ejaculation! with venom added, in frustration under the weight of assorted nerdturd requirements jammed down our brains –  by “security”, “proprietary domains”, and other fascistic obstacles to the free flow of ideas.  Thus, the quality of life in our “connected” world!

Have you had that experience? Look no farther than an aborted but persistent thing called “aithebettertengri”, out there in the dead end zone of “bloggery”.

Yup, that’s “me” dangling in the verbosphere!